ZERO CONVERSION (working title – solo exhibition)


This solo exhibition at the Howl!Arts Gallery is based on Kelly’s personal and professional history – as contained in his writings (both from his personal journals and professional workbooks), and rendered as a memorial to those he has lost over the course of his life.


_An installation of 40+ hand-drawn portraits of friends and lovers who died from the AIDS epidemic – graphite on grey cotton paper on aluminum panels, 11″ x 14″



_A second installation of transcribed journal entries (words and drawings) hand-rendered in graphite on various sized frosted acrylic panels, and various sized paper on aluminum panels. These dated and hand-written transcriptions of journal writings reflect his personal and professional struggles, including reflections on the losses from the AIDS epidemic, and how these personal realities and challenges informed his creative process and their ultimate public performances.

This exhibition at the Howl!Arts Gallery opens February 28, and runs through March 25th.