In 2004 I was in preparation for a performance that used trapeze as a dramatic effect for a climactic moment. In a training session I slipped and landed upside-down on the back of my neck, fracturing 2 vertebrae. I survived this catastrophe and wrote a short story about the experience.

In 2011 I created a solo performance work ‘The Escape Artist’ based on my unpublished story, which I reconfigured into a monologue. To this I added 6 original songs, an aria by Monteverdi, and the James Bond song ‘You Only Live Twice’. This work theatrically displayed the events leading up to the accident, the ordeal of an overnight stint in a hospital emergency ward, and the eventual discharge 15 hours later.

The staging required that I lay motionless on a table, speaking the monologue and singing the songs. Behind me were hung 3 large video screens, onto which was projected extensive video imagery that visually buttressed the story, including a fantasy world populated by re-enactments of the paintings of Caravaggio.

In 2014 I began work on this graphic novel. I graphically rendered the texts and song lyrics from the performance work, as well as imagery from the video component. These 10” x 10” mixed-media drawings are on paper, linen, and wood, rendered in graphite, oil pastel, gouache, colored pencil, wood-burning, sequins, fake gems, acrylic paint, and oil paint. They are configured in pairs, and include 2 triptychs.

Completed during the summer of 2018, I envision this work as a book, an edition of prints, and an exhibition.


A FRIEND GAVE ME A BOOK – graphic novel – 170 10″ x 10″ mixed media drawings on paper, linen, & wood



SKULL double



IN 1610 double copy