Club Performance 1980-85

Kelly began his career as a performance artist in the early 1980’s, by working in clubs, mostly in New York’s East Village: The Pyramid Club, Club 57, Limbo Lounge, The Mudd Club, The Anvil, Danceteria, The Cat Club, 8BC were just some of the venues which allowed him to formulate his process and find his voice.

Though he began to look beyond the clubs and into other alternative dance and performance spaces by the mid-1980’s, he still continued to make appearances at the annual ‘Wigstock’ Festival, as well as occasionally acting in Shakespeare’s ‘Titus Andronicus’ at the Pyramid Club (Directed by Kestitus Nakas), in John Jesurun’s weekly serialized work ‘Chang in A Void Moon’, or in dancing and choreographic stints with the Original Trockadero Gloxinia Ballet Company (the ORIGINAL company, founded by Larry Ree).


1985 ‘St. George Killed The Dragon’
1984 ‘Pierrot, Pirrette, Pet’
1984 ‘Death Of Marat’
1984 ‘Trans Siberian Express’
1984 ‘The Dagmar Onassis Story’
1983 ‘S. Sebastiano’
1983 ‘Narcissus’
1983 ‘The Forces Of Destiny’
1983 ‘Pass The Knachwurst, Bitte’
1983 ‘The Mona Lisa’
1983 ‘Death In Dallas’
1982 ‘Life Without Grace’
1982 ‘La Divina’
1981 ‘Maria In Rio’
1981 ‘Orfeo’
1980 ‘Dagmar A Macbetto’