4-channel and single channel video, color with sound, 2016, dimensions variable

In the aftermath of a catastrophic trapeze accident a man is stranded on a gurney in a hospital emergency ward.  He escapes into hallucinations populated by the paintings of the Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio.  This 4-channel video installation includes a recorded monologue interspersed with sound effect and 9 songs.

Text, Video Co-Design, Drawings & Animations, Performance: John Kelly
Video Co-Design, Director of Photography, Editor: Jeff Morey
Music: Carol Lipnik
Lyrics: John Kelly
Additional Music: John Barry, Claudio Monteverdi, John Kelly
Arrangements, Piano, Accordion, Flute: John DiPinto
Cello: Nioka Workman
Violin: Justin Smith
Additional Vocals: Carol Lipnik
Performers on video: Matt Connolly, Jeremy Gender, Brent Harris, Agosto Machado, Claire Moodey, Matt Nassar, Brandon Olson, Ethan Shoshan



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