photo by Paula Court

John Kelly is a performance and visual artist.


Performances – whether fictitonal creations or staged homages to actual personae – are character driven works that stem from autobiographical, cultural, and political sources, as witnessed through the nature of the human condition and the imperatives of creative genius.


His visual art is self-reflective gestures realized through drawing, painting, photography, the graphic novel, animation, and video installation.

N  E  W  S

TIME NO LINE was recently performed at Oberon for the Globeron Festival at A.R.T. in Cambridge, read the blog interview ‘Turning In Time‘ –

John’s Debut Album – BEAUTY KILLS ME has been released – You can purchase it HERE. Thanks for all our Indiegogo campaign contributors who supported this project.

On March 26th Kelly was the subject of the Coffeehouse Chronicles at LaMaMa.  This career celebration included archival material, panelists, and brief live performances – see the video and images HERE.

Support the work of John Kelly Performance by making a secure tax-deductible contribution HERE.

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